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Jamie & Laurie Syer

…have been farming in Bergen since 1992. Their farm has been in Laurie’s family for three generations, and Bergen’s Davidson Park is named for Laurie’s uncle and grandfather. Jamie and Laurie have raised sheep, kept bees, and provided pasture for local horses and cattle.

Jamie & Laurie’s Bergen Artisan Bread offers croissants unlike any you have had before; plus European-style rye and pumpernickel, organic spelt, seed bread, herb bread, white bread and whole wheat bread; as well as bagels, and breakfast sandwiches made with our English muffins. All products are made using natural wild leaven. To avoid disappointment, shoppers may order online for pickup at the market.Through their connections with organic growers in BC, they also provide Market customers with fruit from the Similkameen Valley.

We are dedicated to producing and distributing healthy food: local vegetables, wood-fired baking, and organic BC fruit. 

We live on a third-generation farm, first cultivated by the area’s early homesteaders. We’re surrounded by trees and meadows, with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. Most importantly, we are part of a strong, caring rural community. 

Everything we grow is produced sustainably, without chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Planting, tending, weeding and harvesting are all done by hand. 

Our bread, croissants, bagels and baguettes are made with only four major ingredients: water, flour, salt and wild yeast. We use an outdoor, wood-fired brick oven. Everything is always fresh; nothing is ever frozen. 

We also offer organic fruit from BC’s Similkameen Valley. We purchase from orchardists whom we know, and who only grow fruit organically. We are happy to share their certification documents with our customers. Seasonal fruit includes cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, apples and pears, along with garlic and field tomatoes. 

Our gardens are naturally watered by the rain, and by a drip irrigation system using collected rainwater. We feed our crops as necessary with well-composted manure from another local farm, which is hormone- and antibiotic-free. Many of our row crops (such as kale, broccoli, basil) are grown under permeable row covers which let the water in, provide a warm microclimate, and eliminate insect pests. Our products are always at the mercy of the climate and the weather. A late spring frost can set back the green beans, or even the potatoes; a summer hailstorm can bruise the peas on their vines; too much rain at the wrong time in BC can damage the cherries. 

We aim to provide food that looks as good as it tastes, but we believe that taste is the most important. We hope you’ll enjoy the results.

Contact the Syer Farm via email or at 403-638-4776. Or check out our online site for ordering and product information.

The Double N Ranch

Gerald and Shelley Ingeveld operate the Double N Ranch in Bergen. This is a working purebred Polled Hereford operation selling breeding stock across Alberta. They began direct marketing delicious grass finished beef nearly 20 years ago and have been vendors at the Bergen Market since its beginning. They also offer naturally grown seasonal vegetables and homestyle baking.

Bob Griebel and Sandy Easterbrook

Say no to industrial farm food and ultra processing! Sandy Easterbrook and Bob Griebel are proud of their nutrient dense vegetables, picked a day before the market, grown in healthy soil and the farm’s own compost. No chemicals or pesticides are used, except organic pesticides if needed. Through the summer cycle, you will find many types of salad greens and herbs; snow and pod peas; spinach, kale, chard and beans. Then zucchini, tomatoes and peppers come into their own. And finally the root vegetables: onions, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, leeks. Many of the varieties are heirloom.

We augment the vegetables with baking, duck eggs (in season) and our popular marmalade, made in small batches during  winter when oranges are at their best.

Bob and Sandy have operated Kettle Crossing Farm in Bergen since 2005, after retiring from their city jobs as neurosurgeon and art conservator. It’s more work than their city jobs! The farm was named for Teakettle Crossing, a ford across Fallen Timber Creek at the south end of the quarter. Apparently a kettle had been tossed up into a tree during pioneer times, giving the ford its name. Unfortunately it was washed out in a flood right after the farm was named.

Kettle Crossing Farm focuses on sustainability and working with nature. The poultry and livestock enjoy green grass and fresh air. The chickens and ducks are housed in a straw bale coop. And the farmhouse, too, is built of straw bales and heated by solar power.

Come and check out our market stall. We are there most Saturdays and look forward to your visit.

Homegrown Health by Shauna B

…offers a huge variety of pickles, salsas and other canned goods made using the freshest homegrown ingredients. Homemade whole food granola products too. Homegrown Health is local to Sundre on a quarter section where we garden, greenhouse and raise a variety of farm animals, along with four kids.

Homegrown Health: fresh, local, healthy and friendly. What a great match for the Bergen Farmers’ Market!

Water Valley Forest Nursery

…is a small family greenhouse which offers locally grown, hardy perennials, trees, shrubs and spring bedding plants. We strive to offer plant material which will not only survive but also thrive in our sometimes tricky climate. We look forward to meeting you and are happy to discuss your gardening challenges and successes.  See you at the Bergen Market! Brenda & Ray Pereversoff

Greenwood Distillers

…is a team of four friends who make quality craft liquors in Sundre, Alberta. A few of the botanicals in our gins are foraged and harvested right here in our backyard. We love to make gin for people who want to love what they drink, and we look forward to seeing you at the Bergen Market.

Krafty Kennedys

…is a husband and wife team creating decorative wood designs. Our goal is to give you a beautifully hand crafted shelf, stove cover, star, mosaic, etc. Custom orders accepted as we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.

“Amazing” blankets by ”Grace”

I make crocheted items, blankets for babies, adults, and wheelchair friendly. I have hats, shawls, and I also make special orders if I don’t have the colour or style you want. I make tote bags and purses out of recycled grocery bags as well. I like the Bergen Market because of the vendors and special customers who are loyal to the market. If you want a unique experience, come on Saturday mornings and let us get to know you.

Grace Fletch  “Amazing” blankets by “Grace”

Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Dog Food

Premium, holistic dog food. Every week at the Bergen Farmers’ Market, or delivered right to your door! Come meet Pam at the Market, your local independent distributor, for free samples and more information.

Petit4Paws Pet Bakery

A family run pet bakery servicing the city of Calgary and the surrounding area. All our treats are made with healthy, human-grade ingredients and our recipes are specifically tailored to appeal to the palates of our four-legged friends.

We offer a wide selection of both dog and cat treats – everything from biscuits and cookies, to smoked beef marrow bones, to specialty goods like dog-safe muffins, donuts and pies. We also bake with a variety of flours and have many gluten free options available.

We firmly believe that pets make our lives better and deserve only the best in return.
Practice responsible pet pampering with Petit4Paws!

Gallo Crafters

We are Sandy and Darcey of Gallo Crafters, a mother and daughter team who have been crafting together for over 30 years. We have a wide variety  of hand-made items for all members of the family. We do quilts and quillows of varying sizes. We have baby bibs, wraps, burping pads and hooded towels.

We have decorative towels, potholder  and Trivet sets. The activity  books and critter cozies are fun for all ages and we have masks for all ages and sizes.

We even have the four legged family members covered  with snuffle mats and cat nip pillows. If you are looking for a special treat Sandy is  an excellent  baker with cookies and cakes, squares and tarts along with some healthy options.

To help us on the front lines is Bud. One of the friendliest guys you will meet. Hope to see you at the Bergen Farmers’ Market!

Compassion for Wildlife

I’m Bergen resident Karen Fahrlander. Compassion for Wildlife focuses on awareness of wildlife issues and promotes humane consideration for all animals. I have Furbearers pamphlets which focus on co-existing with wildlife.

I have many local wildlife and bird photography prints available for sale. These photographs can be reproduced on canvas or metal. 20% of each print sold is donated to Medicine River Wildlife Centre.

Also available is the Otis the Owl children’s book series. Each book in the series delves into a different aspect of co-existing with all creatures. All proceeds from the sale of the books is given to Medicine River Wildlife Centre. For each book purchased, you receive a free wildlife print.

I look forward to hearing your wildlife stories at The Bergen Farmer’s Market!

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