Time for a “Wonderful” party

This Saturday, June 30, at the Market: a celebration of a brand-new book by local author Marilyn Halvorson. The Market opens as usual at 10:00am, and our special “book launch” is at 11:30. Come for special treats and souvenirs, and to get your copy inscribed by the author. Living in the Wonderful is a collection of Marilyn’s journal entries and photos from her 50-plus years on her family ranch in Bergen. The book was edited, designed and printed in Bergen by Jamie Syer and Bergen Fine Print. Copes are also available online at the Bergen Fine Print website…but you’ll have more fun buying yours at this week’s Market! Hope to see you there. Contact us for more information.


  1. I hear Marilyn had a bumper crop of customers at today’s Market! Do you have your copy of “Living in the Wonderful” yet? Buy it at the Market on Saturdays, or via PayPal at bergenfineprint.ca

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