Peas have arrived!
peas have arrived!

The hot weather has created garden produce in abundance this week. Continue to pray for no hail! We’re featuring broccoli, carrots and limited quantities of peas and beans (those depend upon our picking staff…) Beautiful organic peaches this week, and still a few cherries left. You’ll also find…

Shauna Bartholow- Homegrown Health– granola, snacks and preserves
Grace Fletch- crocheted baby blankets
Sandy Gallo- quilt crafts
Pam Grigg- pet food and treats
Double N Ranch– beef, bread, muffins, cinnamon buns, dishcloths, new potatoes
Tamarack Jack’s– honey, mead, bee pollen
Laurie Syer- bread, croissants, pretzels, and produce
Marilyn Halvorson– books and baking
Emerald Farms- preserves and produce
Sally Banks– jewelry and photography
Brenda Pereversoff- plants and flowers from Water Valley Forest Nursery
Crystal Wasyliw- Tupperware and pet products
Julian Tubb- “Dusty Road” locally roasted coffee
Linda Ross- quail eggs
Cheryl Hicks- hand crafts and bath products
Grace Dicks- African baskets
Sundre Municipal Library– books and more

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