This Is Summer??

You wouldn’t know it from the thermometer, but summer arrives just in time for the second Bergen Farmers’ Market of the season. These Bergen wild roses have the right idea!

Join us Saturday for a full array of vendors: jewelry and photo cards by Beau Dangles; spinach, kale, green onions and more from local gardens; local beef from Double N Ranch; artisan bread, pastries, cookies and cinnamon buns; Asian sauces, African baskets, Thai clothing; fruit and vegetable preserves; quilted crafts and bath products; mead and honey from Tamarack Jack’s; Tupperware; pet food and treats; bedding plants, trees and shrubs from Water Valley Forest Nursery; and more.

And our new breakfast sandwiches which were such a hit last week, are back again!

Won’t you join us? Outside if the weather is as it should be, in the Bergen Hall if summer is still a reluctant arrival. Come early (we’re ready at 10:00am), or after the parade. We’re here for you until 1:00pm.




    • There are various snack-type foods available: cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, pie. And beginning this week, we have fresh, organic BC fruit. Cherries arrive June 29, then on following weeks apricots, peaches, plums etc. according to when they are available.

  1. Or are picnic tables available if a group brought their own lunch? I’m thinking of bringing a group of seniors (10 people max).

    • We have a coffee area with tables where your group would be very welcome to come eat lunch. Normally, we can also use the area around the Bergen Hall, but on some weekends (such as June 29) that space is booked for a private event.

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