Labour Day Saturday Market: Don’t Miss This One!

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Glenn Kowalsky

It’s Thursday, so you must be wondering about the Market! We have a new vendor this Saturday: Glenn Kowalsky is a wood-turning wizard and you’re sure to find something you can’t resist from his special collection. Among artisan crafts we also have metal creations, woven baskets, wood-working, crocheting, quilting, jewelry and photography.

Shauna Bartholow
Shauna Bartholow
Bergen broccoli
Bergen broccoli

Of course, you’ll find just about everything you can imagine in the garden produce category: from leafy greens to red and yellow beets; carrots to broccoli; potatoes to tomatoes.

Did you know that Kohut Corn is back? This local Didsbury corn is the sweetest you’ll ever taste. Organic BC fruit includes freestone peaches, Bartlett pears, black amber plums. You’ll find preserves, granola, beef naturally-raised in Bergen, books, honey and mead, locally-roasted coffee, nursery products, pet treats, Tupperware — and always a few surprises.

And our baking! Come early! (‘Nuff said.)

See you at the Market?


(photo credits: Mike Hartman)



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