Heritage Weekend Market

August in Bergen
August in Bergen

Don’t miss what is often our biggest market of the season—this Saturday, August 4. Local gardens are in full production, with new potatoes, fresh-picked beans, green peas, basil and salad greens, summer squash, carrots…the list goes on! Add to that our fine local artisans, baking, “Bergen Traditional” beef, local cheese, a hot BBQ lunch, and the Bergen Market is bound to be an end-of-the-rainbow experience on a sunny Saturday morning!

Tickets are now on sale for our spectacular “Feast of Bergen” event, coming up September 8. Check out our new blog at Feast of Bergen. The home page post there, “A State of Mind” is the best description of Bergen we can imagine!


  1. Double N Ranch reports: fresh-baked chocolate zucchini cake available this Saturday! (along with their fabulous freezer beef, and crispy fresh lettuce).

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