At the market, August 13

This week, we are at Bergen Springs Estates, just east of the Bergen Store. Download a map from the link on the right, or contact us by email.

We have (as always) a wonderful selection of vendors, as the harvesting season reaches its peak.

•  Mom and Me: Gluten-Free Baking

•  Two Wild Daisys: quilts, preserves, crafts, and more

•  Nice Buns: all kinds of baking from Wendy Swarbrick

•  Fresh vegetables from the Syer farm:

garden peas, broccoli, green beans, basil, carrots, lettuce, new potatoes …and baled hay, too

•  Bergen Traditional Beef: from Double N Ranch

•  Sweet Meadow Sheep Cheese: from Kettle Crossing Farm

•  Fruit Wine and Mead: from Birds & Bees Winery

•  Beaudangles Jewelry

•  fresh baking from Bergen kitchens

•  printing demonstrations for the kids (and others) from Bergen Fine Print

And our special musical guests…

Orville and Marie, guitar and fiddle

See you at the Market!

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  1. Also at the Market tomorrow: Water Valley Forest Nursery with their mix of flowers, potted plants, and garden produce.

    Green beans…sorry, not quite yet! August 20 for sure. But we just harvested some wonderful red-skinned new potatoes. Come early for best choice!

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