Market entertainment

August 23, 2012 Jamie 2

We’re fortunate in Bergen to have a wonderful group of young and talented musicians, who have been entertaining us almost every week. Many of these […]

Mystery vegetable…delicious!

August 21, 2012 Jamie 1

So, we’ve always said the Bergen Market offers great variety. When was the last time you saw Romanesco broccoli for sale? Mathematically beautiful (spirals within […]

At the market, August 11

August 10, 2012 Jamie 0

We’re welcoming another vegetable producer to the Market tomorrow! Julie was here for a few weeks last summer, and always presents a wonderful vegetable display, […]

Market highlights

August 4, 2012 Jamie 1

Halfway through the Market season, today we welcomed Chef Gerg van Poppel who will be preparing local ingredients for our Feast of Bergen scheduled for […]

Heritage Weekend Market

August 2, 2012 Jamie 2

Don’t miss what is often our biggest market of the season—this Saturday, August 4. Local gardens are in full production, with new potatoes, fresh-picked beans, […]